Out of What

Our working ethos for this project is involving the concept of ‘Why’, and how we each interpret the word to create a body of work that is organic to the exhibition space.

‘Why’ has a meaning for every situation it is placed in. It can be a reason, a question, or an obstacle, and it can also be used to justify the most difficult of concepts.

The group chose to use this word as a catalyst for their own individual study, a theme which will run alongside the main project as a form of unity through eleven different collections.

A very special thank you goes out to Barney and everyone from Upper Space for helping make our exhibition a huge success.

Thank you to Alex Broadbent for desiging our why logo for us that's located in the top left corner of this page. To see more of Alex's work, check it out at www.5oup.net/profile/Aleximo

Thank you very much to Bluebird Kid Clark, Jealous of Girls, King Pest and Amida for helping us out during our fundraising band night.

Another thank you to our gracious sponsor 1.2.Print.


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